EAUO independent music artists tech

EAUO proposes open-source frameworks patterns and code as independent music artists to post, brand and distribute music/content.
EAUO makes the case for any music artist to use open-source and code to platform music / digital products with exclusivity for 100% back to the artists.

EAUO develops and shares independent technical and business competences addressing the dynamics of digital content on the internet for self-publishing musicians and music artists. Advocacy for open-source and indie-web coding and engineering for music artists to monetize their own products. Research and utilization of leading-edge technology in digital, audio, music production, web, code, metadata, linked-data, applications / architectures.

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musica audivit in fere regionem mundi cum MCMXCVIII

servitium provisor exemplar independens musica

nostri ad esse: ~ ● ~ componere, commemorare, producere musica authenticum ~ ● * creatrix negotium firmamentum officia ~ ● # musica / applications officia

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