Creative. Code / Tech. Sound. Music.

Research and utilization of contemporary technology in digital, audio, music production, video production, web, code, metadata, linked-data, applications / architectures.
EAUO proposes open-source frameworks patterns and code.

EAUO develops and shares independent technical and business competences addressing the dynamics of digital content on the internet

Founded 2003 at eagleaudiorecords creative intangibles production facility.

EAUO develops and deploys technical infrastructure and in-house production competences creatively on EAU0

EAUO code and tech powers EAU0 in making a practical case for any music artist to use open-source and code to platform music / digital products. Since 2003 EAU0 is about the experience of using open-source and indie-web coding and engineering, as independent music artists to post, brand and distribute music/content.

"music provides source / connection to emotional experience. complex of organized sound engaging whole brain / evolutionary biology"

EAU0 (@eau0)

musica audivit in fere regionem mundi cum MCMXCVIII

servitium provisor exemplar independens musica

nostri ad esse: ~ ● ~ componere, commemorare, producere musica authenticum ~ ● * creatrix negotium firmamentum officia ~ ● # musica / applications officia

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